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 Story Flower Story

About Wendy

After over four years growing my floristry skills at a local flower shop, I decided the time had come to branch out on my own. I appreciated my experience as the Shop Lead at my former shop, but the opportunity to follow my own vision and build my own floral story became impossible to resist. I have so much to give in this industry. And so, Story Flower Studio was born.

Little had I known when I devoured the novel, The Language of Flowers ten years ago, that that book would one day embody my two passions. As someone who’s spent over a dozen years in publishing, I’m undeniably swept away by a great read. Books inspire me, especially the engaging life-altering stories within. The more I worked with flowers, the more I sensed that each arrangement, in fact, each stem, communicated something of profound beauty. I knew early on in my adventures as a florist, I wanted to immerse myself deeper into the world of floral design.

In addition to my infatuation with petals and greenery, my passions also include caring for my two rambunctious Samoyeds, jigsaw puzzles, painting, and spending quality time with my family. I’ll find any excuse to be out on the water, and if I overhear you laughing, it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll start laughing too. Contagious humanity = one of life’s great wonders. I’m loyal as they come, and I genuinely believe that empathy truly does make the world a better place.

My artistic style is free-flowing elegance, with an aesthetic eye. I appreciate movement, color, and fresh designs. 

I’m enthusiastic about connecting with customers on a personal level. How individuals are treated at every step of the process matters greatly to me. From first contact to last interaction, I want my customers to value and appreciate their experience with Story Flower Studio. By paying attention to details and trusting in an understood vision, I curate bespoke arrangements that each communicate a story of their own.

Whether you’re newly engaged, thinking of someone grieving a loved one, or eager to send a thoughtful birthday bouquet, I’m excited to create a fresh storied arrangement for you.

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